Sunday, 5 June 2011

The 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash!

It’s officially Wizard101's 2nd Anniversary! w00t! Get your fancy hats and party gear ready to go! Can you believe it’s been ANOTHER year already?! Now for the details you have all been waiting for! Well…in just a bit. I must say that it’s been fun listening to all the buzz about this year’s big social event!
 Last year we partied with Student Teacher nominees & danced the night away….well until Ravenwood Academy burst at the seams! Poor Bartleby, we had to clean up for days. 

Are You Going, we are :)

If you don't already know it is June 25/11 :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Friday, 20 May 2011

Treasure Cards

Treasure Cards a Must for Every Wizard

What are Treasure Cards?
Treasure cards are special cards that have either added strength or accuracy. Treasure cards appear with a gold background so you can tell them apart from the standard cards. Treasure cards are useful in battle and are great for trade with your friends. Treasure cards can help you quickly win a battle and can get you out of difficult situations if you have them properly set up.

Where do you get Treasure Cards?
You buy cards at the library in whatever world you are on. They typically range in price with the better spells being more expensive. I'd recommend though that you stay away from the pacify spells unless you know exactly what you're doing! Multi-strike treasure cards are your best initial investment.

How do you use Treasure Cards?
Treasure cards are special cards that can go in your side-board for drawing during battle. You must remember to fill your side-board with treasure cards in preparation for battle. Just as you have a deck of your school cards you also have a deck of treasure cards that will grow as you win, buy or make new treasure cards. You can draw treasure cards when you discard a card in your current draw (by right clicking the card you want to throw away) then click the draw button. This will pick a random treasure card from your side-board. You can't discard the ones you've dran most recently until the next draw of cards.

Can I Make Treasure Cards?
Yes! Everyone can make treasure cards if you have trained on your own school's spells.
Read up in the next post about how to make treasure cards...

Pet List

Hey Guys,
Now that you've seen our furniture list you're probably wanting to know how many pets there are in the world of Wizard 101, 234, to be precise. Click here if you want to see a list of all of the pets.

Furniture List

Hey Guys,
You're probably wondering how many furniture items there are in all of the Wizard 101 world. There is 1024 items and counting. If you want to know all of them click here.

Wintertusk Video With Sneak Peeks!

This just in! This new Wintertusk commercial includes sneak peeks of upcoming features and items, can you spot them all?
I spotted a few! Mainly (at :17) a Flying Carpet mount and a fancy new house? Did you spot anything else? Let us know!